Golden Account

What is a Golden Account

It is a special Current Account product designed for individuals and companies whose desire is to operate a current account and earn interest which otherwise is not possible.


Who can Join The Scheme

  1. All persons in receipt of monthly or periodic income
  2. Sole proprietors
  3. Companies
  4. Transport Unions
  5. Churches
  6. Clubs and Unions



  1. This will serve as an investment account for the current account customer.
  2. Customer can build a handsome balance to secure a loan from the Bank.
  3. The customer will earn an attractive interest on the required balance.
  4. It also affords the customer the opportunity to overdraw his/her account up to an agreed limit in case of need.
  5. Customers who wish to participate as Golden account holders will be put in our valued customer’s bracket and, therefore, would be treated as such.

How does it work ?

  1. An applicant will have to open a ‘’SARB GOLDEN ACCOUNT’’ with the Bank.
  2. The customer would be issued with pay- in-slip for cash lodgment.
  3. A cheque book shall be issued to a customer when the account is opened.
  4. A balance of two thousand Ghana Cedis (GHC2,000.00) and above maintained for 30 days or one month will attract competitive but attractive interest rates to be determined by the Bank from time to time.

Interest is negotiable for any higher amount of GHC4,000.00 and above deposited in this special account for a minimum of 30 days.